Keynote Speaker

Listen to Dan's audio message about the people side of trucking(Please note this podcast includes adult content.)


Dan knows that people, not diesel, are what move the trucks.

Dan Baker is a nationally known speaker, teacher and consultant to the trucking industry. He travels extensively throughout the US and Canada, working with numerous trucking companies of all sizes and types. He speaks at meetings and gatherings of all kinds, from driver safety meetings, to award dinners, state and national conventions, to in-company seminars and symposiums.

Essentially, his message is the people side of trucking. His presentations are always fun, funny, full of jokes, stories and one-liners. But he never departs far from his basic theme that if you’re in trucking today, first of all you’re in the people business and secondly, you’re in the trucking business. Regardless of the trucking industry’s business cycle, Dan is in big demand throughout the country. He has dedicated the majority of his time, effort and interest toward helping the truckers make sense out of their very complicated, complex world.

After having lived in Bulverde, Texas for almost 40 years, he and his wife, Betty, have moved to Fort Worth, Texas. He will tell you that you can take the boy out of Bulverde, but you can’t take Bulverde out of the boy. So, he is still well-known for his famous “Bull Jokes”, and his unique array of down-home humor.

Dan will still tell you that all the roads and the loads and the routes and the rates and the maps and the phones and the fuel take second place to the mamas and daddies and husbands and wives and sons and daughters who give us our meaning and make it all happen.


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