OCT. 12 – 16, 2020


During this year’s five-day, online-only event, learn from experts on a variety of topics geared toward improving fleet operations.

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Relevant Topics

This year we have an impressive variety of relevant topics, videos, and webinars geared toward improving our attendee’s fleet operations.

Over 1000+ Attendees

In the age of Covid-19, we expect more attendees than ever during this year’s online-only event.

Choose Your Path

Focus on the topics most important to you, when it’s most convenient.

Daily Introduction Messages

Keynote Speaker

Dan Baker

A champion of the trucking community for more than 40 years, Dan Baker will entertain and inspire you with stories and insights on the challenges that confront the industry.

COVID-19 &
Your Company

The COVID-19 global pandemic will create lasting changes in our industry. Learn from industry experts about the impacts that could affect your company through violation data, employer liabilities, and workers’ compensation claims.

Top Claims – Real Issues, Real Solutions

Trucking companies today are facing an ever-changing landscape with increasing safety regulations and the threat of nuclear verdicts. Learn from industry experts about the major factors that could impact not only your day-to-day business but also a jury, as well as solutions to help prevent claims and costly fines by protecting your fleet with the latest technology.

Truckers Against Trafficking

Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) is raising up a mobile army of transportation professionals to assist law enforcement in the recognition and reporting of human trafficking, in order to aid in the recovery of victims and the arrest of their perpetrators.

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