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Shifting the image of truck drivers – a modern view of the essential worker


Truckers and trucking companies have at times been portrayed as unsophisticated, unprofessional and unconcerned with safety – while this may have provided entertainment for movies and TV shows, it may also have contributed to creating stereotypes. More recently, plaintiff attorneys have tried to build a false image of trucking companies compromising safety for the sake of profits.

2019 report from Randall-Reilly and Commercial Carrier Journal indicates that the image hasn’t changed much over the past few decades.

When drivers were asked why they got into trucking, 31 percent reported that they had always been drawn to the open road. When asked the one thing they disliked most about their job today, 20 percent reported that it’s a thankless job – nobody respects truckers or appreciates what we do.

Protective Insurance feels that the image of drivers changed dramatically with the development of COVID-19 and the disruption of Americans’ lives in 2020. People today view drivers as essential workers, delivering the necessities we need to live our lives.

We believe that the old image of drivers is one element that has fueled the “reptile brain” approach to jury thinking when plaintiff attorneys are seeking nuclear verdicts. We are interested in supporting and promoting the more recent – and more accurate – image of drivers as essential to our society and economy.

We invite you to weigh in on the subject through a short survey.

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